Dating & Relationship Coaching Program Includes:

  •  1:1 Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype Sessions
  • An Online Dating Made Easy Guide
  • A Customized Dating or Relationship Action Plan
  • A Free Personality Assessment Test
  • Access to Daily Relationship Tips, Tools & Strategies

And You’re also Getting:

  • week 1: Identify your dating or relationship pitfalls and road blocks (what’s holding you back)
  • week 2: Get clear about what you want by clearing out the clutter (forgiveness process and goal setting)
  • week 3: Create a measurable relationship action plan
  • week 4: Activities and steps to meet your objective
  • week 5: Evaluate your goals (where are you)
  • week 6: Communication techniques (establish instant rapport)
  • week 7: Love languages and other techniques to read people
  • week 8: Don’t get stuck; don’t get discouraged keep going
  • week 9: Plan for fun!
  • week 10: Celebrate your success

Individuals or Couples Are Welcome!