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Collette Gee is an International Dating & Relationship Expert, Violence Prevention Specialist, and Author that has helped 100's of people create meaningful romantic relationships.

After being married and divorced, then back into a meaningful relationship, Collette realized that “Happily Ever After” wasn’t an ending, but a journey. Inspired to help others discover where real love resides, she began her healthy relationship consulting business; showing people how to truly find their happiness. Her mission is to teach people how to love harmoniously and live successfully.

Prior to Collette’s business, she spent several years working as a healthcare professional in the mental health industry. Today she uses her expertise to help people create and sustain healthy relationships, while also helping to end violence against women and girls.  Collette became the American Ambassador for a female social enterprise school, while she was traveling in Senegal called, Gite-E’Cole Mbour; she is the author of a new relationship book called: “Finding Happily… No Rules, No Frogs, No Pretending;  She’s a regular Huffington Post  Contributor, a weekly columnist for the Good Men Project and has appeared on TLC network and  London Live as the International Dating and Relationship Expert. In her free time, Collette enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her family and loved ones.

“Whether you have found the right person and your relationship has hit a plateau or is going through some rough waters or you are still looking for love, Collette’s love and relationship coaching can help you with solid strategies that can help you get the kind of deeply fulfilling and personally enriching love you deserve.”                      – National Coach Academy

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Collette’s story began far from “living happily ever after.” Her relationship journey began as a young mother of four and ended as a single woman looking for love for all the right reasons in the wrong places.

“There were no fairy tale weddings,” says Ms Gee.  “Nor were there any dancing mice or singing teapots to rejoice at my weddings.”

Unwilling to let her past dictate her future, Collette met and married the love of her life, and then used her extraordinary story to create a 2-Day Relationship Training to help women and men find their happily…   Today through coaching, workshops and training she teaches others how to create and sustain healthy, meaningful relationships.

Collette lives in Los Angeles, California. However, she travels around the world with her team delivering pragmatic self-care, and relationship enhancement techniques that leave participants with life-long “takeaways” to help them achieve a healthy balance of their romantic, family, and social lives.

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