Are You Ready For Love?

2020-03-13T15:10:12-07:00March 7th, 2020|Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Domestic Violence/Abuse|

When you are ready for love, one of the hardest truths to face is accepting that your relationship failures were a reflection of your self-worth. For instance, my first husband was a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive person.  And, while I didn't deserve to be abused, nor does anyone else, I knew I had [...]

Don’t Expect People To Change For You

2020-03-13T13:58:22-07:00March 7th, 2020|Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Domestic Violence/Abuse|

Don't expect people to change for you. Change is a personal choice and either people want to change or they do not. That's not to say you have to put up with unwanted behaviors. Instead, if you don't like something someone you love is doing try a different approach.  Ultimately, however you cannot make [...]

Should Women Say Yes Or No to Casual Sex Or Hookups?

2020-01-07T12:54:25-08:00January 9th, 2020|Advice for Women|

Is Casual Sex or Hookups In A Woman's Best Interest? Recently, I posted a question in my Facebook group that asked, "should women say yes or no to casual sex or hookups?" And, I was surprised by the number of people that thought sex without a commitment was a good idea. However, before I [...]

Why The Best Time Of The Year to Find Love Is After New Years Day

2020-01-12T20:31:08-08:00January 6th, 2020|Advice for Men, Advice for Women, holiday, Single, Tips, Tools & Strategies|

The Best Time Of The Year To Find Love Did you know that the best time of the year to find love is right after New Years Day? Most people think it is easier to find love during the summer, usually after people have developed their beach bodies. But, the truth is people are [...]

Are You Happy Now?

2019-11-30T13:35:34-08:00November 26th, 2019|Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Body Mind and Spirit, Finding Happily Through The Holidays|

Are You Happy Now?  A question I've been asking myself.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about some of the regrets I have, and the mistakes I’ve made.  On a conscious level I appreciate that my past is in the past.  However, I cannot help but to think about some the choices I’ve made [...]

The Difference Between Healthy Relationships & Unhealthy Relationships

2019-08-09T09:26:34-07:00August 8th, 2019|Domestic Violence/Abuse|

Healthy Relationships And Unhealthy Relationships In this blog post I am going to outline the differences between healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships.  However, before I start outlining the differences I want to make something clear:  Unhealthy relationships are not necessarily abusive relationships.  However, abusive relationships are always unhealthy.  I will be discussing both below: [...]

How to Stop Trying To Date Your Type

2020-01-30T20:14:41-08:00July 8th, 2019|Advice for Men, Advice for Women, Dating, Divorce Advice|

If you're looking for love from a tall, dark and handsome man, you will never find him.  If you're looking for love from a tall, buxom brunette, you will never find her.  Only when you stop trying to date your type, will you find love.  Dating Your Type A dating type is a [...]

How to Find A Gem With These Precious Gems

2019-04-16T14:03:43-07:00April 16th, 2019|Advice for Women, Dating, Divorce Advice, Tips, Tools & Strategies|

It's never too early to start planning for a Summer love, particularly with Summer right around the corner.  Therefore, if you're looking for ways to attract a new love, then you've come to the right place.  Below I will show you how to find a gem with these precious gems. The Summer season comes [...]

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