Invested Coaching Program


The  Invested Coaching is a one-to-one phone, Skype or Face-to-Face (if you live in the Los Angeles area — small travel fee) 4 session program + Discovery Session

This session includes:

Scheduled Phone, Skype or Face-to-Face sessions

  • A detailed questionnaire to fill out before our session so that we can use our time together productively. I prepare for our session before we meet using your answers on this form.
  • More insight about your dating or relationship style and situation
  • A customized Finding Happily Customized Coaching Action Plan Workbook that we will work on together until completion.
  • 3 Question/Answer Emails in between our scheduled sessions
  • Online Dating Set-up & Support (for singles only)

***Each program is customized and tailored for YOU




Are you a go-getter? Are you the type of person that has succeeded in every area of your life accept love?  This program is designed for women or men that appreciate the value of investing in themselves. If this is you, then click to purchase

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