Online Coaching: How to Attract Your Ideal Partner

This online coaching group will show you how to attract your ideal partner. There's nothing like that magical feeling that washes over you when you go home thinking, "Wow... I met someone really great tonight!" A lot of people think that these experiences are rare, but it's not true. This can happen to you regularly [...]

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Dating Apps: There’s Only One Worth Trying

Recently, I wrote a blog post titled: 5 Dating Apps You Should Ditch In 2018.  While most people found my post very helpful, many questioned which dating apps I recommended.  Since so many people struggle with online dating and dating apps; many of them my clients, I decided to follow up with a recommended dating [...]

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5 Dating Apps You Should Ditch In 2018

In the 21st century we use our mobile phones for just about everything.  We use them to connect, play games  and, yes to find love.  Dating apps are the new way to meet and greet a new mate. However, before you download the latest and greatest apps that promise you happily ever after, here [...]

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Online Group Coaching

The cost for Online Group Coaching is  $85 /67£ for the entire month.  RSVP your space by clicking here now!     Starting October 10th, 2017 Online Group Coaching!  Partner up with Relationship Specialist and International Dating Coach, Collette gee, along with a group of  5 select individuals to co-create the Dating and [...]

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Online Dating Vs. Organic Dating {Infographic}

When it comes to meeting a new romantic prospect there are more options today than there were say three decades ago: Online dating, Dating Apps, Social Media, Meetups, Friends and Family, Social Gatherings or at Work.  Technology has created a new way for people to connect with other people, however I prefer good old fashioned [...]

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Are You Using Apps Like Tinder? Snap Out of It

Embed from Getty Images Since Tinder's launch in 2012, millions of people have flocked to this visually stimulating dating app, and despite the heavy criticism, people continue to swipe to the left or the right. However, if dating apps like Tinder give people the illusion of constant matches, it might be doing more harm than [...]

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