Are You Ready For Love?

When you are ready for love, one of the hardest truths to face is accepting that your relationship failures were a reflection of your self-worth. For instance, my first husband was a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive person.  And, while I didn't deserve to be abused, nor does anyone else, I knew I had [...]

Why The Best Time Of The Year to Find Love Is After New Years Day

The Best Time Of The Year To Find Love Did you know that the best time of the year to find love is right after New Years Day? Most people think it is easier to find love during the summer, usually after people have developed their beach bodies. But, the truth is people are [...]

Dating Seminar: How To Find Love Outside The Box

Love Without Borders; How to Find Love Outside The Box Do you long to fall in love with someone amazing? Someone you're wildly attracted to and they're attracted to you too? Someone that totally "gets" you and accepts you for who you are (without trying to fix, change, or turn you into someone you're not)? [...]

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