How to Find Your Happily Through Meditation

How to Find Your Happily Through Meditation In this blog article I am going to show you how to find your happily through meditation.  But, before I begin I just wanted to remind you how you can be sure to get all 101 video blogs delivered right to your inbox.  As I promised in my last video blog, every Friday I am going to provide you with 101 ways to ‘Find Your Happily.”  To be sure you don’t miss all 101 ways to Find Your Happily be sure you subscribe to my blog or visit my website every Friday. The order in which I deliver each of these blogs won’t be as important as your learning about all the neat things you can do to Find Your Happily. And, while the ideas that I recommend are mine, don’t be afraid to be creative by coming up with your own ideas. The objective here is more about getting you on the path to Finding Your Happily. Okay, so let’s get started!

So, the first things I recommend is that you Find Your Happily through meditation.  Meditation is my first recommendation to help you find happiness because I have practiced meditation every day now for nearly fifteen years.  And for me, it has been an amazing experience!

What Is Mediation

Meditation is one of those things that many people have heard of, yet most don’t know what it is. Some people think that meditation is one of those things that hippie people do to feel good. While others believe meditation is a type of breathing exercise that people use to get relaxed, clear their minds or get centered.

Although meditation does involve all of the above, meditation is none of these things and is more about the practice of mental alertness and self-awareness. Yes, it is true that sometimes breathing and relaxation are required to become aware of one’s self. However, not all forms of meditation require the same techniques to reach a meditative state.

For example, meditation can be done any time, any place or anywhere for any reason. For instance, people meditate while they are at work while others make time to meditate while sitting by the ocean in the lotus position. There is no reason to have to meditate, and yet there is every reason to meditate.

The Relationship Between Meditation and Happiness

Meditation has been around for a pretty long time and used by many to enlighten people’s lives and enrich their souls. If you’re someone like me who meditates, then you’ve probably experienced the deep sense of self and inner peace that meditation awards you. However, if you’ve never meditated and are interested in learning how to begin, then check out my video clip by clicking on the video below.  After you’re done watching please share your thoughts by leaving me a comment below.  I’d love to hear about your experience.

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