Prefer to Be Seen, Heard Or DesiredKnowing whether you prefer to be seen, heard or desired can make or break your relationship.  Of course there are other factors that determine whether a relationship will last.  However, knowing whether you prefer to be seen, heard or desired,  can help you communicate your relationship needs more effectively.

People That Need To Be Seen

As a person that needs to be seen you like it when you and your partner go out to do fun things. You are probably a social person. And, you probably prefer the way things look than the way actually are. You like to look good and you want your partner to look good too. You appreciate gifts and nice looking things. You’re more likely to be tidy person, either at home or about your person hood.  You prefer getaways with beautiful landscapes and exotic views over.  And, your favorite social media platform is Instagram.

People That Need to Be Heard

If you’re a person that needs to be heard, communication is extremely important to you. You are a good listener. Lying is essentially one of your biggest deal breakers because you abhor the idea of listening to lies. You’re turned on by what a person says not necessarily what they do. You enjoy music and quiet times together. You prefer dramas or movies with s good story over action films and horrors. Although if you do watch a horror film you cover your ears during a scary scene rather than your eyes. For vacations you prefer to listen to the ocean than to see it. And, your favorite social media platform is Twitter.

People That Need To Feel Desired

People that need to feel desired prefer to spend the night in their lovers arms. Back massages is your foreplay and PDA — Public Displays Of Affection — is perfectly acceptable. For you, nothing says I love you than a random hug. A perfect vacation can be anywhere so long as you’re holding hands or in each others arms. Deal breakers can include anything from intimate dinners and kissing to full blown cheating. Quality time together is your idea of a perfect birthday gift.  Your favorite social media platform is Facebook.

To conclude: In a relationship it is important to understand the type of “love languages” you and your partner speak. While everyone has wants, needs and requirements, the love languages we speak to acquire these things is what makes us who we are. Once you decipher whether you prefer to be seen, heard or desired, you will be better at relating to your partner. However, just because you understand your partners love does not mean that you will be together.  A relationship requires 6 C’s to sustain a healthy, loving relationship.  However, having a better appreciation for the language that each of you speak is a great start.

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