Most people misconstrue manifestation for “woo-woo magic,” however here’s what manifestation is, and how it can help you manifest the relationship you want.  If you want to manifest an ideal relationship, your chances increase as you focus your attention on your intentions. Why? Because, when you are hyper-focused on something, your perception and awareness of opportunities around that focus increases. It is important to point out that this principle is limited to things that are within the realm of possibility. I say that, because it is not possible that I will ever be a great tennis player like Serena Williams, regardless how often I practice (though I may become a better player.)

The principles go something like this: When you want something: be it more money, a better life, or meeting a new love,  you automatically begin to focus on the various ways to get what you want. This hyper-focus of thought then creates a shift in your life whereby you manifest (and perceive) what you have been thinking about. Again, not by magic, but by taking the necessary actions to create the life that you believe you can have.

Here’s an example of what this looks like: I wanted to be a writer. However, since I did not go to a university to study journalism or writing, I did not know how to accomplish this. Still, I wanted to be a writer so here’s what I did:

  • First, I began visualizing what my life would look like as a writer.
  • Next, I thought about the things I would write about.
  • Finally, I spent time researching different writing styles, which eventually lead me to start writing first on my own blog, then finally publishing my own book. I also started a writing group for encouragement and then regularly submitted articles to online publications like Huffington Post.  I am now “officially” a regularly published writer and author. However, this did not happen magically.  It started with an idea, that turned into a desire, that lead me to take action.  Got it!

How Can Manifestation Help You With Your Relationships?

If your desire is to manifest the relationship you want here are some potential questions to ponder:

  • What does being in love look like to you?
  • What kind of life do you see yourself having with this person?
  • Where might you meet your soulmate?  For instance, do you meet in a bar, café, church or school?
  • What kind of things do you and your soulmate enjoy doing together?

After you have answered these questions, and gathered all of the qualities and characteristics about your perfect partner, you should now have a clear image about the person you want to meet, where you might meet them, and what your life might look like with this person.

The only thing left to do is take action! That means, putting your thoughts, desires and beliefs in alignment with your vision,  and then focusing only on the desired outcome (without spending energy on the negative stuff you don’t want.) Do that and watch what happens.

As with anything this takes practice.  However, I can guarantee that it works!  Alternatively, I can also guarantee that if you allow yourself to have mixed messages on meeting the “one,” or if you spend any time focusing on all the bad things, such as why she/he is not in your life, then you will certainly get that too. Manifestation in relationships is not magic.  It is logical science!

This article was published and republished with the author, Collette Gee’ permission. [Gee, Collette. “How Does Manifestation Work in Getting The Relationship You Want?” Successful Woman Magazine Issue 5: 57-58. Print]

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