Does Size Matter?

In 2013, a man named Patrick Moote released a documentary film called, “Unhung Hero,” after his girlfriend turned down his proposal on a jumbotron during a sporting event. The film addresses the one question that all men want to know: Does size matter?

After Moote’s longtime girlfriend declined his proposal because, according to her, his penis was too small, Moote set out to find out whether size really mattered.  And, if in fact size did matter, he set out to alter or enlarge the size of his penis.

While those of you reading this might think what Patrick Moote did was a bit extreme. Statistics across the board show that 90% of men worry about the size of their penis, while only 40% of women actually care how big or small a man’s penis is.

Are All Penis’s Created Equal?

If all men are created equal and size really doesn’t matter, what’s all the fuss about? Well, for starters men are shamed because of how big or how small their penis is. And, because penis shaming starts at such a young and impressionable age, men go throughout their entire lives asking themselves: does size matter or does one size fit all?

Well, gentlemen, and ladies if you’re reading this, the answer to the age old question: Does size matter, is… YES! However, why it matters, is not what you might be thinking. Let me explain:

For starters, women do not sit around thinking about a big, hard C%&K. In fact an average sized penis suites most women just fine. However, some studies have shown that a woman is more likely to choose a man with a longer or larger penis because it increases his chance of impregnating her. So, in that manner, women are not consciously thinking about a bigger, larger penis. But, biologically speaking they might find a larger penis more desirable if their desire is to become pregnant. And, let’s face it guys, how many women do NOT want to become pregnant? Well, nowadays, it appears that more and more women have decided to opt out of having children. Some say it’s because of the state of the world. Others have just decided to focus on their careers. So in both cases, guys you’re in luck!

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