Can't Afford To Date

Can’t Afford To Date?

Recently, I read the following post on Facebook from a man that wanted to know whether a broke man can or should date.  I decided to answer his question below:

Can't Afford To Date

In my opinion, the answer to his question is yes!  In fact, any man that wants to date can and should date if he chooses to. The question then becomes why any man would believes that his  financial state makes him undateable?  Let’s take a closer look:

If you are a man that keeps attracting women that are rejecting you or not into you, because in your opinion you are not financially stable, then it is your choice in women.  Perhaps you choose women that reject you or would not be into you because of your own insecurities about money.  Or it could be that you have a low self-esteem, and the story about your lack of money is an excuse.   In either case it’s time to change your perspective. 

How do you change your perspective?

Can broke guys dateAccording to the guy that wrote the post, he is an attractive 30-year old that considers himself “good husband” material.   The issue, in my opinion is not his financial circumstances, but his beliefs about women.  I know for a fact, that there are plenty of great women out there that are looking for a good man, not an ATM.  Therefore, any man that runs off of the assumption that a woman would not date a broke man, is simply operating off of his perspective.  Beliefs are not true like gravity, so ntil this guy or any man like him is willing to change the story, they will be single and alone forever. 

The first thing you can do if, like this guy, your belief is that you can’t afford to date, is seek new ways to change your perspective about dating.  The easiest way to do this is to first change your internal dialogue, i.e., your story.  And, choose one that fits the outcome and the desires that you seek.  Therefore, if you really want to get into a romantic relationship with a woman that loves you and who you love back, stop telling yourself that you can’t afford to date, and start telling yourself how wonderful it will be when you meet a woman that accepts you for who you are. 

Now, at first when you start changing your internal dialogue, the new stories you tell yourself will feel like lies.  Since you’ve been lying to yourself for so long, your mind will try to trick you into believing that anything new, i.e., new programming, is not true.  However, by changing the the internal dialogue, you reprogram your mind with a new story that is more self serving.  How do I know this?  I know this because it is a Universal Law.

What are universal laws?

Universal laws are principles by which everything in the universe is governed by these laws. [Click here to read more about Universal Laws here.] Therefore, if your personal experience is that you are single because you are broke, according to the Universal Laws, once you change your thoughts,  your experiences will change — i.e., The Law Of Attraction.  You can see a clear indication that your internal thoughts are creating your negative experiences, by paying attention to your current circumstances — because your outer world reflects your inner world.  Therefore if you are struggling, alone, depressed or in a rut, then you are on on the negative side of the pendulum.  But, if you change your thoughts, you get to create a new frequency that changes your outer circumstances.  Your thoughts therefore become the things you think about!

To conclude, if you are a man that wants to date, but your belief is that you can’t afford to date,  then change your circumstances. Since we are not our circumstances this should be an easy task.  On the other hand if your circumstances is what it is, then the next thing you can do is change your perspective.  Instead of thinking about what you do not have or what you cannot afford, focus your energy on what you can do.  There are plenty of date activities that do not costs a thing.  Your job is to choose something that sounds fun, ask a woman out, and enjoy your life.

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