What People Are Saying About Ms. Gee

  • Most of us have been there, obsessed with cultivating the happiness and approval of our partner - to the point of neglecting our own. I highly recommend Collette. You won't be disappointed!
    Michael Bociurkiw, OSCE Spokesperson
  • Collette, I think it's Great to see you helping people gain insight to being happy with them selves to get along with the journey : ) in the right perspective
    Jeffery Krueger
  • Loved the information Collette. I am a single woman that always tries to find my happiness in other people. It is a hard habit to break. But you say it can be done and I believe you!
    Connie Mead
  • Great advice for those searching for happier relationships!
    Telishia Berry
  • Collette is so motivating and inspirational. I know she will make an impact on many through her wisdom and experience.
    Ron Lew, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Writer, and Entrepreneur.
  • I volunteer with Collette at Peace Over Violence.  The work she does is so admirable, and she is a joy to be around. She has shared some of her relationship wisdom with me, and I have carried that knowledge with me as I build relationships not only with romantic partners, but with friends and family members as well.  She is a wonderful friend and mentor!
    Baylay B.
  • The first thing I noticed when meeting Collette was how warm and friendly she is.  She has a lovely energy and you will immediately feel comfortable in her presence.  Kirsty M. Author of How To Start a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business
    Kirsty M.
  • I learned so much from Collette and I recommend her to ANYONE who is searching for that special someone and needs a little help getting started.
    ShiMira C.
  • Collette  has the credentials to back what she does and I highly recommend the service for anybody who is not ashamed to admit they need help in that area of their life ~ says author of The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice Book
    Cyrus Thompson, Author/Life Coach

My Book

FINDING HAPPILY EBOOK COVER“This is the last dating and relationship guide women will ever need,” Said by Cyrus Thomson, author of The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice Guide.


Many dating and relationship experts incorrectly advise women to use every tip, trick and tactic to meet and marry the man of their dreams. However when it comes to finding happily, says Relationship Coach Collette Gee, there are no rules, no magic frogs and no pretending.
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About Collette Gee

Finding Happily Love Coach, Collette GeeCollette Gee, a Holistic Love Coach and Speaker, helps men and women overcome the relationship challenges they face in the 21st century. After being married and divorced, then back into a meaningful relationship, Collette realized that "Happily Ever After wasn't an ending, but a journey. Inspired to help others discover where real love resides, she began her coaching business, focusing on both men and women who were looking for love for all the right reasons in all the wrong places.