About Collette Gee

Collette Gee is a world-renowned Holistic Love and Relationship Coach; and an Author and Speaker who helps men and women overcome the relationship challenges they face in the 21st century.

After being married, divorced, single again and then back into a meaningful relationship, Collette began her coaching business; inspired to help others learn where real love resides. She coaches both men and women seeking love for all the right reasons in the wrong places – helping them create and sustain healthy relationships that begin and end with SELF. MORE

  • Collette  has the credentials to back what she does and I highly recommend the service for anybody who is not ashamed to admit they need help in that area of their life ~ says author of The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice Book
    Cyrus Thompson, Author/Life Coach
  • I learned so much from Collette and I recommend her to ANYONE who is searching for that special someone and needs a little help getting started.
    ShiMira C.
  • The first thing I noticed when meeting Collette was how warm and friendly she is.  She has a lovely energy and you will immediately feel comfortable in her presence.  Kirsty M. Author of How To Start a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business
    Kirsty M.
  • I volunteer with Collette at Peace Over Violence.  The work she does is so admirable, and she is a joy to be around. She has shared some of her relationship wisdom with me, and I have carried that knowledge with me as I build relationships not only with romantic partners, but with friends and family members as well.  She is a wonderful friend and mentor!
    Baylay B.
  • Collette is so motivating and inspirational. I know she will make an impact on many through her wisdom and experience.
    Ron Lew, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Writer, and Entrepreneur.
  • Great advice for those searching for happier relationships!
    Telishia Berry
  • Collette is a passionate and very effective coach. For all of you looking to finding happily Collette is your woman! I highly recommend her.
    Yisraela Hayman, LMFT | Sex Therapist | Life Coach