In this  blog article I am going to show you how to find your happily through travel.  I recommend traveling to create happiness and bring about more prosperity and abundance into your life because traveling is a great way to create new experiences, learn about new cultures, and you get to visit new places.  I believe traveling truly enriches one’s life because it not only exposes you to new cultures, but also new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of unless you traveled to someplace new.

My Journey to Africa

How to find your happily through travelFor those of you who know me, you already know that I am on an extended journey through Africa.  I love traveling, and have done so many times, however I had never been to the Mother Land, where I believe all life began.

I remember when I first mentioned the idea of traveling around Africa to my husband.  I thought he was going to think I was crazy.  But, contrary to my belief he too had the desire to explore these untouched, yet ancient lands to see how and where creation began.

Africa is a very special place, very untouched and pure.  And yet, Africa is also the oldest continent embedded with historical footprints that tell a story about creation, life, love and war.   Till this day we still do not know all there is to learn about Africa.  There are tales of Africa that have yet to be discovered, and yet to be told.  One of these stories is a story about me.

For me, Africa is the place where I come from, and not just from creation, but my direct decedents who were brought over to America in captivity.   I hope to uncover the truth about my people, and even more to find the tribe my people came from.

There is something special about knowing your past,  and knowing where you come from.  It is a knowledge I believe that no one can take away from you.  It is a sense of belonging, and a sense of where you are going.  Africa, is now the place where I feel I am the most at home.

What to Do If You Travel To Africa

How to find your happily through travelThere is so much to see and do in Africa.  Most of us think of Africa as one place, one land, which it is, however it is so much more than this large land mass we think of when we think of Africa.

Right now my husband and I are traveling around the African continent.  We began our journey in East Africa, in a country called Tanzania.  There we marveled at the worlds largest free standing mountain, Kilimanjaro, then we set out on a safari to one of Tanzania’s national park to see the “big five,” ( I will be sure to share the pics to that adventure in my next blog post).

After we traveled through Tanzania, we crossed over to Kenya, which if you’re driving is about an eight to ten hour drive.  Along the way we had a chance to see some beautiful wildlife off the side’s of the road.  We saw giraffe’s, zebras, antelope’s, wild boars, camels, baboons, and monkey’s  It was magnificent.  My husband and I felt like two small children peering out of the window at all of the wild animals.  It was as though we were visiting a zoo for the first time, accept we weren’t in a zoo and the animals were free.

4 ways to make the best out of your african travel experienceWe arrived in Mombasa at the Nyali International Beach Hotel & Spa. We enjoyed dancing on the beach,  midnight swims in the Indian ocean, and camel rides on the beach.  The grounds were unlike anything I had ever seen and only a fraction of what it would cost if this place were located in the USA.

After three days of basking in the sun on the beach in Mombasa we headed over to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.  There we shopped, ate great food, visited the national monuments and museums, and then danced the night away, and then sang the night away in a Nairobi night club.  FYI Karaoke in Kenya is awesome!

Our next stop on the African journey is Dar es Salaam, and Cape Town South Africa.  Of course I will have lot’s to write about after visiting those two destinations.  But, for now all I can say is that traveling through Africa has been a great way for me to find my happily.

I hope that my journey has inspired you to get out there and travel if traveling has been something you have always wanted to do.  Below I have added another video for your review so that you can see some of the exciting things I have been doing while I have been in Africa.  If you are inspired or if you have an inspiring travel story to tell, please leave a comment below.  In the meantime may you find your happily.