Are You Happy Now?  A question I’ve been asking myself.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about some of the regrets I have, and the mistakes I’ve made.  On a conscious level I appreciate that my past is in the past.  However, I cannot help but to think about some the choices I’ve made in the pursuit of happiness.

This recent onset of thoughts I have had is mostly a result of the time of year we’re in since November is national gratitude month.  And, while I know that I should simply be grateful, it is my belief that in order for me to be truly thankful, I need to reflect on all the reasons I have to be grateful.

Over the past year I have overcome health challenges, challenges in my business, and I have worked on improving my relationships with my family, friends and loved ones.  I know that I have a lot to be grateful for.  And, yet still the question remains: Can I Be Happier?⁣

How To Be Happier Without Trying

The answer is yes! I can be happier.  However, I must first accept that happiness is a state of being, and should not be hinged on the people in my life, my circumstances or experiences. Sure, these things play a vital role in ones happiness. However, deep down I know that if my happiness is dependent on anything outside of me, I will always be looking outside of myself for happiness. ⁣

So, I decided to make a pact with myself: To simply be happy without trying to be happy.  Some of the things I will do would be based on activities, but most would be simply spending time with myself.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Earlier in the month I went to a workshop to learn how to create kindness rocks. The idea is that you paint a rock with a message on it, then you place the rock somewhere it can be found. The person that finds it receives a message, perhaps one they needed to hear.  They can leave the rock for someone else to find or take it with them.

I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument.  And, so recently, and thanks to YouTube, I’ve been learning how to play the guitar.  It’s pretty hard, mostly because of the finger positioning.  However, I feel good learning something new.  Since my both my parents have musical gifts, I feel like I get to try out the musical gifts they’ve given me.  So far, I’ve learned three new chords. 

Oprah Winfrey is one of my favorite persons alive, and while I do not know her personally, she has been an inspiration in my life.  While I was in Maui, I found out where her Oprah’s Maui home is and went to visit it.  No, I did not get to go in and have a look around, but I did stand outside the property.  She has beautiful horses inside the wall, and lots and lots of land.  It felt good traveling the road Oprah has traveled, if you know what I mean.  Watch the video to learn more

To Conclude

Whenever things in my life start to work out in my favor I always start to wonder whether I am really happy.  Other times I wonder if I have the right to be happy.  Perhaps I am so used to pursuing happiness that I don’t take time to simply be happy.  Whatever the case may be, I think it’s a good idea to check in with yourself and to ask your inner self whether you are happy now?  Now that you have what you want or now that you know you cannot have what you want.  I think when we ask ourselves the tough questions like this we gain a deeper appreciation of ourselves.  And, in times of reflections, and thanksgiving, we get to truly appreciate all we have to truly be grateful for.

Are you really happy?  Share your thoughts below

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