Ways to Attract LoveFor many of us, we enter into relationships expecting others to satisfy our needs and fulfill our deepest desires. And many times we wind up brokenhearted and alone. Why? Because it’s no one’s job to make us happy, we must be there for ourselves.

The key to attracting love is to treat others and ourselves the way we wish to be treated. Whatever qualities we see in others are a reflection of the qualities we see within ourselves. There are three ways to attract love, and before we can attract love, we must be open and available to all three: accepting love, believing in love and receiving love.

Accept Love

Attracting love begins by accepting who we are and loving ourselves. Whether we are in a relationship or alone, we will always attract more love when we begin and end with a healthy love of SELF. The relationships we are in or the people we’re attracting are at our same level of physical, emotional and mental health. We attract who we are. Therefore if we wish to attract a happy, healthy, loving partner, we should be happy, healthy, loving partners first. Self-love is the platform each of us must stand upon in order to build healthy, loving relationships for ourselves and with others. And this can only be done when we begin by accepting and acknowledging the love we have within.

Believe In Love

If we want to attract love we must begin by believing in ourselves. We must be willing to let go of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs — replacing them with inspiring thoughts and uplifting affirmations. For some, this may seem monotonous or meaningless, but it works.

Believing that we are undeserving of love or unlovable does not serve us. Instead of accepting this as our truth, let us explore the opposing views we have surrounding love, face them and begin to change those beliefs. It’s been stated that a prolonged thought has a frequency, and that our thoughts do become things. However our thoughts are not necessarily truths, and though a prolonged thought does manifest into “be-ING,” it certainly isn’t fixed. Each of us has the power to change our beliefs, and by changing the thoughts we have surrounding love we create a new mindset that is open and available to love.

Receive Love

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that loving ourselves is a form of conceit. Some of us even think that it is wrong to think highly of ourselves or expect others to think highly of us. These limiting beliefs are the reasons why we some don’t feel comfortable openly receiving compliments, or expressions of love. Your soul mate, whether or not you’ve already met, will be one of many people who love you. If you want to attract love then practice receiving love from someone in your life, and by keeping an open heart to love.

We do not attract into our lives whom we want. We attract who we are. When we are coming from a holistic state of being: loving everything, everyone, and ourselves, we draw people, circumstances and opportunities that attract the love and the life we want to see.

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