Are You Happy Now?

Are You Happy Now?  A question I've been asking myself.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about some of the regrets I have, and the mistakes I’ve made.  On a conscious level I appreciate that my past is in the past.  However, I cannot help but to think about some the choices I’ve made [...]

Intro Video for 101 Ways to Find Your Happily

How to Find Your Happily The one thing I considered when I decided to write a blog post series entitled, "101 Ways to Find Your Happily," was how to define happiness? My belief is everyone wants to be happy. However, I think many of us fail to achieve real happiness because most of us are [...]

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Don’t Blame Others, Pick Up a Mirror

  Do you know someone who is constantly blaming everyone else for his/hers misfortunes? Someone who is convinced and would like you and everyone around them to believe that every unfortunate situation that has happened to them is everyone’s fault, but their own? If so, then what you might want to know is that their [...]

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