mental-health3If someone abandoned you, you’re an abandonment waiting to happen because you will attract a person who will leave you because you yourself were abandoned. Human beings would rather be right than happy, even if being right means their suicide. People will always argue about their circumstances, seeking evidence to validate the things that they believe because they believe it; it’s self-depreciating.

Is Your Past Relationship Story True Like Gravity?

If what you’re saying about your life isn’t true like gravity, then it isn’t true. Gravity is never going to change. An airplane at 30,000 feet without fuel will fall. Gravity doesn’t care about anything but what gravity does. The same can be said about day. Is day true? Yes! Because day is always going to be day, just as night will always be night — it’s indisputable, and no one, anywhere, can argue it.

Be present to what it is you’re saying to yourself, about yourself, and why. There is a reason and a purpose that you say what it is you’re saying to yourself. Every conversation has a source, a concept, and the meaning is in the context of recognizing what words you give power. For example: If you say that you are surviving, than you will be just that, surviving. It’s important to learn that you are the source of whatever is showing up in your life. And, that, the only thing that is real about what you are saying to yourself, is the power and the validation that you give it.

Many of us are conditioned to be a certain way therefore attracting what we continue to be. We write the entire screenplays of our lives. We are the producer, the scriptwriter, the director, and the actor: we do it all, and then we pay people to show up and act the part.

Everything in your life is all about what you do know and thus you are just being reminded of what you know deep within. If you are not being present in a place then what’s keeping you from being present, and are you being aware of how you are creating your human experiences? No one has the power to do that but you, and that takes a whole lot of letting go of beliefs that do not serve you; that means letting go of belief systems, that were probably valid at the time, but no longer serves you. And, when you get into a situation that presents the same situations, be present to that, and then be aware as to whether you do the same things or something different. The thing is to become more aware of what has you doing what you’re doing and be present to the blocks that are preventing love, creativity, and abundance from showing up.

When negativity, fear and doubt show up here are a few inspiring Self-Esteem and Self-Love Quotes to uplift you, raise your self-esteem, and fill your SELF with love:

“Learn to catch yourself and stop yourself immediately when you are engaging in negative self-talk.”
― Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

“There is something beautiful in you seeking freedom.”
— Bryant McGill (Voice of Reason)

“Within you, you will find everything you need to be complete.”
— Bryant McGill (Voice of Reason)

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