Is He Really Committed To You?

Is he really committed to you or is he just playing games?  This is the one question that every woman in a committed relationship wants to know.   The subject alone sends most guys running for the hill.  Particularly when he thinks the relationship with you is great just the way it is.  However, once you expect him to totally commit to you and only you; that’s when you’ll know whether he’s committed or just in it for fun and games.  And, don’t get me wrong, relationships should be fun.  However, if you want to know if he is really committed to you, here are a few signs to look for:

Is He Really Committed Or Just Playing  You

Sign One

Look at the way your guy reacts when you mention things such as: weddings, family or friends.   If he loses his color or starts to sweat he probably would rather throw himself off of a Hawaiian cliff than to make a commitment to you.  You’ll probably even notice lots of subject changing whenever you bring up any such topic.

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