Each day, you’ll get a link to your daily step-by-step video. For maximum convenience, you can watch the video lessons at home or at work, on your computer, tablet or over your mobile device.

Video 1:

  • Give Your ATTITUDE A Boost: Attitude is one of the first things people notice when you walk into a room.  Most people believe it’s looks, but, actually it’s how you carry yourself.  By giving your attitude a boost you will become instantly attractive to the opposite sex.  This in turn will help you establish instant rapport with everyone you meet.

Video 2:

  • STOP and START: Stop sabotaging your love life and start getting the love you desire with my 8 proven attraction techniques.  Become instantly irresistible even to the people that already know you.

Video 3:

  • LOVE & BODY LANGUAGE: Learn what he/she is saying even when they are not saying a word.  Most of what people are saying does not come out of their mouths, but through their actions and body language.  Learn signals, verbal and non-verbal cues, and love languages in this video.

Video 4:

  • FLIRTING: Learn how to flirt without risking rejection or embarrassment.  While flirting seems effortlessly for some, it is entirely foreign to others.  Unfortunately, if you get too in your head, it becomes challenging and awkward.  In this video I will teach you flirting how to’s, do’s and don’ts

Video 5:

  • COMMUNICATION STYLES: There are 4 communication styles.  Once you learn all four and how to recognize them in yourself and others, you will be able to decipher the keepers from the time wasters.

Video 6:

  • INSTANT RAPPORT: This video will show you some useful techniques you can use on anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Once you know how to read people’s communication styles and love languages, you will be able to instantly connect with them using these techniques

Video 7:

  • HEALTHY VS UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Learn the early warning sights to descern between a healthy and an unhealthy relationships.  This video addresses things like physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as setting boundaries


  • WHERE TO MEET YOUR MATCH: If online dating and dating apps are not working for you, this video will show you how to create a better online profile, whilst also help you to find the best offline places to meet your perfect match.