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Find Your Happily Relationship Training

Welcome to the Find Your Happily Relationship Training™!

This is a 2-day training:

Day 1: (12:30-3:30)

Meet other like-minded individuals for a 3-hour workshop to:

  • Give Your ATTITUDE A Boost: Attitude is one of the first things people notice when you walk into a room.  Most people believe it’s looks, but, actually it’s how you carry yourself.  By giving your attitude a boost you will become instantly attractive to the opposite sex.  This in turn will help you establish instant rapport with everyone you meet.
  • MEND or MEET: Repair your current relationship or meet someone new by learning how to read and speak multiple love languages.
  • STOP and START: Stop sabotaging your love life and start getting the love you desire with my 8 proven attraction techniques.  Become instantly irresistible even to the people that already know you.

Day 2: The Practicum (12:30-3:30)

On day 2 you will put everything you’ve learned in the 3-hour workshop into practice.  Now that you have the tools and techniques it’s time to apply them.  So, on day two we will go out to two local venues where you will be: coached, observed and supported by me and your peers as you show us what you’ve learned.  Sound scary?  Well, it shouldn’t be.  Particularly because after you’ve take the 3-hour workshop you will be ready to Find Your Happily!  This can work even if you’re already in a relationship as you can invite your current partner to this part of the training and practice your skills on him or her.

Sound fun?  Then go ahead and sign-up for the Find Your Happily Relationship Training and start getting the love you desire today!



Date                           Event                                                                  City                           Spaces              Tickets     ___________________________________________________________________________

September              Find Your Happily Relationship Training     London                    AVAILABLE      BUY

October                   Find Your Happily Relationship Training     New York City        AVAILABLE      BUY

November              Find Your Happily Relationship Training      Honolulu                AVAILABLE      BUY

December               Find Your Happily Relationship Training      Los Angeles           AVAILABLE      BUY

January                   Find Your Happily Relationship Training      Honolulu               AVAILABLE      BUY



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