Online Dating Vs. Organic Dating {Infographic}

When it comes to meeting a new romantic prospect there are more options today than there were say three decades ago: Online dating, Dating Apps, Social Media, Meetups, Friends and Family, Social Gatherings or at Work.  Technology has created a new way for people to connect with other people, however I prefer good old fashioned [...]

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How Can You Manifest The Relationship You Want?

Most people misconstrue manifestation for “woo-woo magic,” however here's what manifestation is, and how it can help you manifest the relationship you want.  If you want to manifest an ideal relationship, your chances increase as you focus your attention on your intentions. Why? Because, when you are hyper-focused on something, your perception and awareness [...]

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The Importance Of Commonality In A Relationships

One of the most important ingredients for a successful relationship is having something in common with your partner. It may not seem important in the very beginning when you're still in that afterglow of lust.  However, as things start to cool down you'll begin to see the importance of commonality in a relationship. Everything [...]

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Do Not Become A One Night Stand

View image | One night stands have been indulged in ever since men and women realized that sex is fun. The thing about these one night stands is that they’re usually fast, simple, fun and have no strings attached. There is another thing about them that many people don’t fully understand until they’ve had [...]

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Why Guys Suddenly Reappear Several Weeks Later

After several seemingly great dates with a new guy, you finally feel like you’ve met someone you really enjoy spending time with. But, as soon as you settle on the idea of having this guy around for a while, the unthinkable happens. He pulls a sliding door routine: an opened window of opportunity that [...]

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What would life be like without fairy-tales?

When it comes to true love, does Disney have it right? Will my “Prince” or “Knight in shining armor” ride up on his splendid stallion and sweep me off my feet? Well, after one failed marriage, two unhealthy relationships and several bad dates, I think not.  I don’t mean to sound like a cynic  or [...]

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Life Can Be Challenging; Relationships Don’t Have to Be

Relationships don't have to be challenging All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a princess. As a child, I would spend countless hours dressing up like a princess: dramatic electric colored dresses with matching sashes, hair combed into an elegant up-do and a stunning tiara placed atop my head. From a [...]

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