Is Casual Sex or Hookups In A Woman’s Best Interest?

casual sex or hookups

Recently, I posted a question in my Facebook group that asked, “should women say yes or no to casual sex or hookups?” And, I was surprised by the number of people that thought sex without a commitment was a good idea.

However, before I share the results to my question I need to make something clear: In no way was the inquiry I posted meant to oppose a woman’s right to choose or not to choose sex. The question I asked is whether a woman’s decision is in her best interest.


The Risks of Casual Sex or Hookups

casual sex or hookups

While men and women have an equal right to engage in consensual sex, women have to consider a lot more than men do before engaging in casual encounters.  Below are a few of the risks:

Double Standards

Sex can be an enjoyable experience for men and women. However, there is a significantly higher risk for women when it comes to casual sex or hookups. For one reason, a woman can become pregnant. Surely, men have a responsibility to be a father to their child. However, a woman is the one that carries the child and therefore has more responsibility than a man does.

STD’s & STI’s

Another thing women have to consider is the risk of HPV, which leads to cervical cancer. Over the past two decades or so, various studies have shown that multiple sex partners put women at greater risk of HPV — that and Hooking up may also increase the risk for STIs due to unprotected sex and the increased likelihood of having multiple or concurrent partners compared to committed relationships. And, while using a condom can protect you from certain STDs, they don’t prevent everything, such as herpes, genital warts, pubic lice, and syphilis.


An additional thing women ought to consider is whether they will be able to achieve an orgasm. Studies show that men are three to four times more likely to reach an orgasm than women. Whereas 80% of women are unable to achieve an orgasm from vaginal sex. That means nearly 4 out of 5 women will not obtain any physical pleasure, which leads me to my next point:

Most women need clitoral stimulation to be aroused, otherwise, penetration can be painful. And, for some women, this can be a problem — due to their upbringing, society, trauma or past relationship experiences. Most women, and yes even in this day and age, are taught to do whatever it takes, even faking it, to sexually please a man. And, in this case, a woman can end up sexually frustrated and ashamed by the encounter.

Does Casual Sex or Hookups Effect Self-esteem and Sexuality

casual sex or hookups

Not all women that engage in casual encounter do so for the physical pleasure it brings.  Some women admit to hooking up solely for the emotional and mental connection.  Women in support of casual sex will argue that only women with misplaced expectations suffer after casual sex. However, studies show that women are often left with feelings of regret and loneliness, particularly if the man they have sex with never calls again.


So, What Should Women Do?

When I asked people what they thought about women who engage in hookups, the responses were equal across the board. The largest results came from women, who felt strongly about having the right to have sex, in spite of the risks. Whereas, nine out of ten men agreed that a woman should decide for herself. Nonetheless, whether she does or not is her decision.  

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