7 Quick Tips to Cure What’s Complicating Your Relationship

If you have been feeling aggravated that your relationship isn't going well, do not stress! You can get expert assistance from a relationship coach  or you can cure what's complicating your relationship with these 7 quick tips. 1. Turn up the heat in the bedroom Figure out how to make the sex you have even  [...]

Don’t Blame Others, Pick Up a Mirror

  Do you know someone who is constantly blaming everyone else for his/hers misfortunes? Someone who is convinced and would like you and everyone around them to believe that every unfortunate situation that has happened to them is everyone’s fault, but their own? If so, then what you might want to know is that their [...]

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It’s Your Destiny, So Choose to Be Happy!

"I am happy because I choose to be." A few years ago, I found myself in another failed relationship.  But before I went through my dramatic breakup routine - crying for days on end, asking the universe why - it suddenly dawned on me: In each of my relationships, I was operating under the assumption [...]

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