Relationships Are Everything


Recently I received a request to speak in the San Francisco Green Festival. After, I received the news I was so excited that I called a friend to share the amazing news. But, instead of my friend congratulating me, which is what I expected him to do, he asked me to explain what a Holistic Love Coach – whose job was to help people through their relationship challenges – could have to say at a “Green Festival.”

I responded with, “relationships are defined as the way two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. Therefore relationships are everything, that includes: the relationship between people and the planet; people and their romantic partners; people and their family and friends and the relationships people have to new concepts and beliefs.”

Relationships are essential to humans – they are a medium through which we flourish – regardless of age, culture, or gender. For example, when it comes to romantic relationships, if a person believes there are no good men or women available, they will attract relationships with individual’s who are not suited for them. Alternatively, if a person is open and available to meeting someone new and falling in love, then they’ll attract and receive love because they have a positive relationship to love.

Relationships Are Everything !

While it’s true that relationships are everything, but not every relationship is the same. Let’s look at money for example.  Your cash flow has a lot to do with your relationship to money. For instance, let’s say that a person has a poor relationship to money; maybe it’s because they say or believe things like: money is the root of all evil or that people with money hurt people to get money. On the other hand when a person has a good relationship with money, they attract money, and they’re usually financially stable and secure.

Another type of relationship, one that many of us struggle with everyday, is the relationship we have to food. For instance, there are people who spend their entire lives dieting and exercising, but never lose weight, and yet they have skinny friends who can eat whatever they want, but never gain a pound. Why is this? Well according to David L. Katz, MD, an associate professor adjunct in public health at Yale University. “Thin people have a relaxed relationship with food, whereas people who are overweight tend to be more preoccupied with food, and as a result, mealtime is always on the brain.”

Relationships are the foundation’s of our existence, and no matter what your mission in life is, we should focus on creating and sustaining relationships because relationships improve all aspects of our lives – spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally – the more you put in, the more you get out. As a result, when we invest in healthy relationships, we expand and evolve. Nevertheless, when we neglect our relationships we will not thrive and it will be more challenging to prosper.


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