The Importance Of Commonality In A Relationships

View image | One of the most important ingredients of a successful relationship is that of having something in common with your partner. It may not seem so important in the very beginning when you're still in that afterglow of lust. Everything is beautiful and wonderful with your new love at that point. However, [...]

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Do Not Become A One Night Stand

View image | One night stands have been indulged in ever since men and women realized that sex is fun. The thing about these one night stands is that they’re usually fast, simple, fun and have no strings attached. There is another thing about them that many people don’t fully understand until they’ve had [...]

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What would life be like without fairy-tales?

When it comes to true love, does Disney have it right? Will my “Prince” or “Knight in shining armor” ride up on his splendid stallion and sweep me off my feet? Well, after one failed marriage, two unhealthy relationships and several bad dates, I think not.  I don’t mean to sound like a cynic  or [...]

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Exposing the Myth Behind the Fairytales

Although relationships influence every facet of our lives, a large number of us struggle with making them work or navigating through the difficult ending.   When our relationships are going well, we feel there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. We’re happy, inspired and energetic. When our relationships aren’t going well, we’re bombarded with feelings of dread and [...]

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Life Can Be Challenging; Relationships Don’t Have to Be

Relationships don't have to be challenging All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a princess. As a child, I would spend countless hours dressing up like a princess: dramatic electric colored dresses with matching sashes, hair combed into an elegant up-do and a stunning tiara placed atop my head. From a [...]

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